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Ironbound, New Jersey is a well-developed city in Essex County just near Newark city. It is composed of working-class residents in approximately four square miles of land area. Ironbound city’s original name was “Dutch Neck,” “Down Neck,” or simply “The Neck” because of Passaic River’s curved appearance.

It was then named “Ironbound” due to the large metalworking industry and the network of railroad tracks that are within the neighborhood. In the 1830s, Ironbound’s farmlands were rapidly replaced by industries and immigration.

Personal Injury Cases in Ironbound

Ironbound is not an exemption when it comes to personal injury cases, particularly premises liability. Common causes of this type of personal injury case include the following:

Slip and fall personal injury - Afonso and Afonso Ironbound NJ

Slip and Fall

Snow and Ice Accidents - Afonso and Afonso Ironbound NJ

Snow and Ice Accidents

Dog bites - Afonso and Afonso Ironbound NJ

Dog Bites

Swimming pool accident - Afonso and Afonso Ironbound NJ

Swimming Pool Accidents

These cases involve a variety of factual scenarios that require comprehensive investigation and analysis to ensure the people responsible will be duly charged.

Premises liability occurs in places where there are unsafe or defective conditions caused by someone’s negligence, oftentimes, the property owner. Yet, not all injuries incurred while in someone else’s property necessarily count valid under this legal concept. To win in a premise liability case, one must prove that the property owner truly did not apply necessary care and maintenance to the place.

Visitors in a particular property are classified in three categories to fairly describe how they can be involved and considered in premise liability cases. Those categories are the following:

  • Invitees are people who have been personally invited by the landowner such as friends, relatives, and neighbors.
  • Licensees are those who have the permission of the landowner to enter the property and may come in for their purposes like a salesman or a client.
  • Trespassers are people who don’t have the authority nor the permission to be on the property. Traditionally, property owners are not liable to trespassers unless it is a child.

As these conditions may become complicated due to certain factors, consulting a personal injury lawyer is highly recommended. Personal injury lawyers know the ins and outs of this type of case, ensuring the success of your appeal.

Legal Services at Afonso & Afonso

Nobody deserves to be a victim of any crime such as personal injury. If you know it’s not your fault, make sure you let the right professionals penalize the ones responsible under the law. At Afonso & Afonso law firm, full legal assistance and representation are offered to individuals in state and federal courts in all categories of personal injury matters.

We pledged to help victims prove their case and make the offenders pay for what is due to them. Our injury lawyers are the best in terms of their years of experience and knowledge in this field. No case is too complicated nor too simple for us to handle. We’ll perform a thorough investigation of the case to ensure the steps needed to guarantee success.

Personal injury attorneys at Afonso & Afonso will make this process easy and stress-free, no matter the nature of the case, including a car accident, dog bite, workers’ compensation, real estate purchase, and many more. Let’s discuss your case today and get it rolling as soon as possible.

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