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There are many reasons Elmora has been one of the best places to visit and live in for years among the cities in the Elizabeth, New Jersey area. It may be small in terms of land area, but its population is up to 23, 417 and increasing each year.

Careers at Elmora show good signs as there are 64% white-collar jobs and 36% blue-collar jobs there. Likewise, the city boasts 721 entrepreneurs, which make up 3% of the workforce.

Most of the houses in Elmora are older as they were built in 1940 to 1969 and some between 1970 and 1999. More residents in the area are renting houses than those who have their own. Commuters in Elmora have to spend 15 to 30 minutes commuting one way, which is shorter than the time most Americans spend on their daily commute.

Personal Injury and Premises Liability Cases in Elmora

Where there are establishments and people, accidents can happen. Having your own building or home makes you responsible for many things, including the maintenance and safety of it for you and everyone else.

Accidents that happen to a person due to someone else’s fault are called personal injury which is punishable by law. Personal injury can include any injury to the body, mind, and emotions of a person. Premises liability is one of the usual personal injury cases in an area like Elmora. It includes damages or injuries due to the negligence or irresponsibility of property owners based on certain circumstances.

Slip on the store - Afonso and Afonso Attorneys at NJ, Elmora
Afonso and Afonso Attorneys at NJ, Elmora - Dog Bites

Premises Liability can be classified into various types such as dog bites, swimming pool accidents, water leaks or flooding, snow and ice accidents, and inadequate building security leading to injury or assault. Yet, among all those types, slip and fall rank on top.

Reasons for slip and fall accidents are very common in areas like restaurants, parks, parking lots, malls, supermarkets, and other public places. If not given proper attention, property owners could be held responsible for any damage or injury acquired on their premises.

How Afonso & Afonso Can Help

As a legal firm that has catered to all types of personal injury cases for many years, we at Afonso & Afonso vow to assist anyone who needs legal assistance after being injured due to premises liability. We gladly represent individuals in state and federal courts in all cases, including car accidents, slip and fall, workers’ compensation matters, municipal court cases, landlord tenancy issues, and so much more.

When you consult with our personal injury lawyers, we’ll make sure to listen to your case and take action on your behalf. You may be entitled to compensation that our attorneys are well-trained and knowledgeable of. We’ll look at your case within the premise and see if it is indeed the property owner’s fault.

Charging a case like any of the personal injuries may seem fast and easy. Yet, to win the case and get the compensation you deserve, it is always best to seek help from the experts. Just because you were injured on someone’s property does not mean that the property owner was negligent and to be blamed for it.

We’ll guide you through the process and make sure you understand all circumstances before we push through with the case. Contact us now and speak with our highly reputable personal injury lawyers who are ready to serve you anytime.

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