• Make an Accident Report – The first thing to do when you get into an auto accident is to call the police and make a motor vehicle report. Many victims decide not to call the police because the other party convinces them to just exchange information and offers to pay for their damages. All too often when the bill of damages is given to the person who caused the accident, they ignore your calls and your complaints fall on def ears. Call the police, make a report and have your accident documented and your claim protected.
  • Emergency Room – Seek emergency medical treatment if you are in pain. Don’t try to convince yourself that the pain will just get better. If you are in pain after an accident it is best to get checked by a medical professional. If you feel pain at the scene the police will often call an ambulance for you or get yourself to a hospital if you feel you can do so safely.
  • Call an Attorney – This is where we come in. We have close to 25 years of combined legal experience in getting the highest personal injury awards and settlements for our clients. We speak to each one of our clients personally. You will have direct contact with the attorneys to answer any questions you may have. Our firm’s philosophy has always been to service our clients directly, so we can get to know them best.


  • A copy of the police report. A police report is important because it is a
    record of the accident and when it occurred. It has all the basic information including the people involved and statements given to the police.
  • If you do not have a police (officer) report we can piece together the information from the accident and file a motor vehicle accident report with the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Your insurance policy. Many of our clients ask why we need their insurance policy if the other party was at faults. In New Jersey your insurance policy determines how much PIP coverage you must pay your medical bills, if you have any coverage available in case the other party does not have insurance and if there are any limitations on your ability to bring a lawsuit.
  • Any other applicable policies. Sometimes there are benefits available to people in their household, business and health insurance policies.
  • Any medical bills. Many medical providers such as hospitals and first responders do not have your pip information and are not able to be paid. This can cause you to be placed in collections and ruin your credit. If you bring your medical bills, we will be able to get them the information they need so you won’t have your credit ruined.
  • Photos of damages. If you have photos, please bring them in. We find that as time goes on these photos get lost and they are the best evidence of the accident.
  • List of questions you may have for us. Many of our clients have never stepped foot inside a courtroom before or made a claim for personal injuries in their lifetime. It is normal to have questions and want to know how the process works. We want all our clients to be informed about the process and feel comfortable with what we’re doing for them so please ask any questions you may have.

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