Uber provides people with a seamless travel experience, and Uber Eats enables rapid and affordable meal orders. For more than ten years, Uber has efficiently connected millions of clients with drivers, and both clients and drivers appreciate the ease of on-demand rides.

Uber is present in the majority of American cities as well as numerous other countries. By using an app, riders are picked up and driven by drivers to their destination. Drivers don’t follow a defined schedule and drive their own cars. Although some judges, legislators, and voters disagree with the designation, Uber considers drivers independent contractors rather than employees.

Being on the road every day, providing transportation and food delivery services, Uber and Uber Eats drivers are bound to be involved in accidents. When accidents happen, are the drivers responsible for any injuries they cause? Can you expect Uber drivers to cover your medical expenses, or will they be acquitted?

Should an Uber driver hit you, you should remember the following:

● You have the right to sue Uber.

● Ask a personal injury lawyer to clarify your legal alternatives.

● Uber offers additional insurance protection while users of their apps are logged in.

● Don’t hesitate to seek compensation for your losses and injuries immediately after the accident.

● Uber drivers must own personal auto insurance plans that at least fulfill the minimum state standards for coverage.

Essential Steps To Take if Hit by an Uber Driver

Call 911 Immediately

Calling 911 is crucial. Through this call, the first responders, the police, and EMS will arrive at your place in minutes. EMS identifies injuries while the police conduct a proper accident investigation. Both processes are indispensable for a successful insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

If you so choose, you can refuse to receive medical care and not be taken in an ambulance. However, if an Uber driver is found at fault for the collision, you most likely won’t be responsible for any associated medical expenses.

Call 911 Immediately - Afonso and Afonso Law Attorney Elizabeth NJ

Prepare the evidence

A solid insurance claim necessitates a piece of strong evidence. So, don’t forget to:

● Obtain a list of everyone’s names and contact details, including any witnesses and the responding police officers.

● Snap pictures of the surrounding area, all the involved vehicles, and your wounds.

● Obtain the license number of the Uber driver who struck you.

● Get details about the driver’s insurance.

Prepare the evidence - Afonso & Afonso Law Attorney Elmora NJ

Obtain the police report

Although the responding officer may file this at the police precinct or office, you should at least attempt to obtain an incident number from the officer on the site. The final point stresses the importance of staying at the accident scene until the investigating police officer gives the all-clear.

Obtain the police report - Afonso & Afonso Law Attorney Ironbound NJ

Get in touch with your insurance provider

Regardless of who is found to be at fault, your financial recovery will begin as soon as you make this call. It also acts as a formal notice if something goes wrong, and you are left depending only on your insurance to cover your costs. While their insurance may be responsible if an Uber driver impacts you, your insurance may cover expenses exceeding their coverage’s limits.

Get in touch with your insurance provider - Afonso & Afonso Law Attorney Newark NJ

Note the driver’s insurance details

The Uber driver’s insurance details include the insurance provider, policy number, contact details, and address. To avoid mistakes, take a photo of the insurance card.

Note the driver's insurance details - Afonso & Afonso Law Attorney Roselle NJ

Contact Uber directly

Contact Uber to report the crash. If an Uber driver hits you without having a passenger on board or while not en route to pick one up, their company insurance will not pay for your damages. Pursuing reimbursement from the driver’s auto insurance coverage would be best in such circumstances.

Contact Uber Directly - Afonso & Afonso Law Attorney Union Square NJ

Ask an Uber Accident Lawyer

If your injuries are minor, you might not need an Uber accident attorney to represent you. However, if they are serious, you should speak with a personal injury attorney with experience handling Uber accidents to find out what options you may have and how to increase your settlement.

In many cases, receiving the compensation you are due is complex and challenging. For example, you might need to sue the at-fault driver or his insurance company to receive the compensation you are entitled to if insurance companies refuse to pay, the driver is underinsured, or the collision circumstances are ambiguous.

An experienced personal injury lawyer in a serious injury case can help increase your award enough to cover the fee percentage of your settlement amount. Even when the facts and evidence in the case seem straightforward, you will typically need an experienced negotiating attorney to secure an appropriate settlement from an insurance carrier.

Ask an Uber Accident Lawyer - Afonso & Afonso Law Attorney Elizabeth NJ

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways - Afonso & Afonso Law Attorney Roselle NJ

You’ll probably feel mentally cloudy and emotionally upset after a catastrophic accident. Worst, the opposing side might exploit these flaws. Once you agree to a settlement, it will be difficult to change your mind.

Make an effort to maintain your composure to move forward with clarity. You must avoid making any mistakes that you might later regret because they will directly affect the outcome of your case.

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